Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Zoom In, Zoom Out

Zoom (Viking Kestrel picture books)

In the wordless picture book, Zoom, the author, Istvan Banyai, takes readers on a visual journey full of twists and turns, one step at a time, as they realize that nothing is what it seems. At journey’s end, they finally see the “big” picture. Great for making predictions, then revising predictions based on additional information. Students/children will be amazed when they “discover” what they have really been looking at all along!

Zoom In!

Create a Layered Look Book Foldable® to zoom in on a concept in Social Studies or Science. Zoom in from the solar system to student's houses, zoom from the outside to inside the human body or cell, zoom into the forest or the deep ocean, zoom into a cave, or zoom from the outside traits to the inside traits of a historical figure.

Zoom Out with the Zoom-Focus Project

Just like the book Zoom, things may not be what they seem as you get more information. Use the Zoom-Focus Project to zoom out of photos of people, places, and things. Challenge your students to predict what they think the photo is and to confirm or revise their predictions as more of the picture is revealed.

The directions, a template and other ideas for the Zoom-Focus Project can be found in Dinah Zike's Big Book of Projects on page 67.

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