Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shredderman: A Great Beginning of the Year Read Aloud

Shredderman: Secret Identity Shredderman: Secret Identity by Wendelin Van Draanen is one of our favorite read alouds for grades 2-4.

The Shredderman books are great for reluctant readers, especially boys, and they serve as a good springboard for classroom discussions on bullying and tolerance. There are four books in the series and they should be read in order because they build upon one another.

Point of View Two-Tab Foldable®

A simple Foldable® to use with Shredderman is the two-tab point of view Foldable®. It helps students understand perspective and how point of view can change the way a story is told.

(A more detailed copy of the Two-Tab Point of View Foldable® directions with images)
  1. Print out the point of view window graphics and make enough copies for each student to have both the window looking in and the window looking out. Cut colored paper in half.
  2. Have students fold a half sheet of paper like a hamburger and make a two-tab Foldable®. 
  3. Students draw a picture of the character who is telling the story looking in or out one window and another character from the story looking in or out the other window.
  4. Glue the windows on the outside of the tabs on the two-tab Foldable® and put the name of each character under the pictures.
  5. Under the tabs, answer the following questions. Window 1 - How does the point of view of this character influence the reader? Window 2 - If this character told the story, how might it be different?
This two-tab Foldable® explains how the point of view of the person telling the story influences the reader  and how the story would be different if it were told by another character in the story. .

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  1. This could be very useful for older students with disabilities to use for perspective taking as a visual! Thanks!