Thursday, August 5, 2010

More Parts and Even More Parts

More Parts (Picture Puffins)Even More Parts

In More Parts and Even More Parts, Tedd Arnold creates a humorous and sometimes frightening story from a child's perspective. Students delight in the scary images that enter the main character's mind as he worries about sayings such as "I'll bet that broke your heart," "give me a hand," "Hold your tongue," and "screams her lungs out". These are "must have" books for teaching idioms.

Idiom Books

In this activity, students collect idioms and their definitions in a side by side 3/4 book  Foldable®.


  1. After reading the book, have students make a 3/4 book Foldable® . You can find directions in any of Dinah Zike's Foldable® books. 
  2. Assign or have students choose an idiom from the book and do the following: 
  • Open the 3/4 book, and on the outside of the folded tab, draw a literal illustration of the idiom.
  • On the tab to the left of the picture, write the idiom.
  • Under the tab with the illustration, write a sentence using the idiom that provides a clue to its meaning.

As students discover more idioms, they can create more 3/4 books which can be glued side by side. When complete, have the students bind the 3/4 books together and make a cover. We glued on a cover with Amelia Bedelia because we also read Amelia Bedelia books.

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